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Ashta Cover Album
Tags: /Published On: July 2nd, 2021/

The journey to enlightenment, an electronic music journey: new video

Two electronic music composers Frederic Gerchambeau ( eurorack modular synth) & Philippe Wauman (Sound Calligraphy aka Anantakara) with totally different styles and backgrounds wanted to create a common sound journey for the album Ashta (to be released soon)

Ashta means eight in Sanskrit, the sacred language of India. The album is composed of eight valleys to be crossed, associated with fine stones.
Seven moments of a journey towards an eighth, the accomplishment, or enlightenment. It is the staggering progression found in all traditions that have been the common thread of this project.
We asked a very talented painter Brigitte Schùermans to create a dynamic artistic universe to support the music.