Sound & vibratory calligraphy

Music is a spiritual, poetic, imaginary & sensual experience.

This is a musical universe that transcends borders and
provides joy to those who surrender to it without expectations.

It transmits a breath that nourishes the heights of the soul.
To initiate inner journeys where one can let oneself be infused
by hunches of a new world in the making.

Bringing together the vast with the intimate
in a powerful and benevolent dance

This isn’t just music, it is the veritable exploration of our inner selves

Steve Shepard, One World Music Radio

Meditative music with a zest of creation that brings us into a world where few artists dare to venture!

Sylvain Lupari,


New Album :
Amor Mundi (may 2020)

Anantakara In a few words

philippz wauman aka Anantakara

Anantakara is a Sanskrit adjective that is translated as “to render endless, to magnify indefinitely, to render indefinite or infinite“.

It is a music that opens up to the dimension of the cosmos, and therefore to spatialization: the up, the down, the extent, the orientations, the cycles, the shifts.
With its own time, its singular coherence, its unique typology, its imperious necessity. From sound to being.

Live improvisation has an important part in my compositions. As I like to repeat “improvisation can’t be improvised”. It’s a way of being. Composing is above all listening.

Anantakara’s music is formally inspired by a vast spectrum: from contemporary music to shamanic music, from electro to Indian ragas, from rock to techno clashes, from ambient to jazz. And explores theatre, performance, cinema, ritual, contemplation, dance…

Philippe Wauman – foundeur