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The Gift of Fire: 1 saga in sound and cinematic music by Anantakara and Jack Hertz

Cinematic Music Album

The story behind this new cinematic music album

A series of drawings made with Indian ink and pen were imagined and drawn in 1976 by a young artist.

His ambition was to initiate a great story, both fantastic and philosophical, full of mysteries, frights, sensualities, and mysteries, alternating wanderings, and epiphanies. A tale that stages the friction of powerful opposing forces seeking to establish new balances.

Populated with creatures from forgotten mythology, each drawing sketched an episode of this saga. However, the work was not completed and was eventually reduced to a dozen somewhat enigmatic pictures. We, therefore, know little about what the complete story could have looked like.

Originally, it was planned that a soundtrack would accompany each drawing. The whole was to form the body of an opera. Without going that far, we selected the drawing which seemed to us to be the most significant to imagine in sound impressions and music the situation it tells.

The 8 tracks focus on a particular section of the drawing. The album brings an additional dimension, cinematic music, and emotions.

This album is a collaborative work between Anantakara and Jack hertz

released October 3, 2022, on Aural Films

Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality cinematic music soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist. We cover a wide range of music styles ranging from ambient to experimental to popular to soundtrack pieces of music. Often on the same albums. You can find our complete catalog of releases online at

Anantakara – VST by Native instruments, U-he, Soundpaint, Spitfire Audio Ableton live 11, Push

Jack Hertz – Artiphon Orba, Aturia Pigments, Eurorack, Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Anantakara, a Sanskrit word meaning “rendering boundless”, is a Belgium-based electro-acoustic project led by Philippe Wauman creating music since 2011. The music is wide-ranging, hybrid, and transversal, bringing together different genres (electronica, ambient, cinematic music, downtempo, ethnic, neo-classical, minimal, electro-acoustic, and jazzy) without belonging to any one of these styles in particular, but bringing them into dialogue. More info can be found at More music

Jack Hertz is fascinated by all aspects of creating sound. From the earliest instruments to the present-day hardware and software innovations. More at