Aerodyn project

cosmic nights is an electronic music festival that takes place every year in intriguing places. I had the honor to be invited to play there for a session in may 2017 with a band formed for the occasion: aérodyn, composed of Alain kinet, Jan Buytaert and philippe wauman alias anantakara.

Ambient is a delicate art that is more like abstract art than figurative art.
We don’t try to express something so much as to install an atmosphere, a sound space, a universe that has its own laws, its gravity, its coherence. Aerodyn is the meeting of three different sources of ambient, which like three rivers merge into a fourth one. It can be said that the common point between these three musicians is a personal approach to the aerial as sound material.

Alain Kinet by the voice and the azure synthetic layers, Jan Buytaers by the persistence of melodic figures, Anantakara by sound calligraphies mixing acoustics and tonal colours.

How will these different sources of inspiration be articulated, what dynamics will orchestrate these different sources of inspiration? These different ways of composing between the rigour of the tempered keyboard and the lively intuition of the impressionist keys thrown at the detours of the chords… this is what the concert will reveal to us.

Video of a very successful concert

“Back to the east side of the hangar (which is also the side of the bar and sandwiches) for the performance of Aerodyn, a band I didn’t know existed until this concert, but every member of which I was familiar: Jan Buytaert, half of The Roswell Incident, Alain Kinet, half of Thurim, and Philippe Wauman, the unclassifiable sound-designer behind the Anantakara project. Each of them brought to Aerodyn what they do best. If I have correctly identified their roles: high-flying tracks for Jan, drone/noisy sounds for Alain, ethnic instruments for Philippe. Aerodyn’s much too short performance (they were only allowed half an hour) is one of the most shrouded in mystery. Philippe didn’t bring any acoustic instruments, he uses thumb piano samples and African instruments on Ableton. I’ve always thought that this kind of sound not only goes well with electronic music, it’s also essential to humanise it. In the minds of its three members, Aerodyn was a project of pure opportunity. This first concert might give them the desire to continue the experiment.” ( sylvain Mazars on his music blog Encore)

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