duo Soogé/ African Ballads

The name of this duo is Soogé which means freedom (in Mooré),
the freedom that the breath of creation takes when inspiration invites itself to travel.
This musical journey are the « African ballads »

Dialogue with Rasmadi, musician from Burkina Faso,
in a “traditional-modern” spirit: a meeting point rather than a fusion point.

A resolutely atypical music, promising in sound and rich in emotion. An ode to humanity.


video recordings concert 12/2019

2020 répertoire

Neither a fusion of genres nor strictly traditional, the repertoire offers songs composed and sung by Rasmadi accompanied by electro-acoustic instruments and sound journeys initiated by Anantakara, on which the ngoni (traditional West African harp) will hem in its melodies.

The musical complicity of two creative minds…

The meeting of two very different worlds, both musically and culturally.

A meeting without a spirit of fusion that opens up a new sound space in an open, serene and joyful “in-between”.

A powerful and serene ode to humanity.

  • 11 tracks over a period of about 1h30
  • The compositions have a fixed basis but are likely to vary according to the audience and the inspiration.
  • singing in mooré and French
  • public contact in French
  • compositions: Ras Madi and Philippe Wauman

musical ballads, calm, intensity, emotions, sound & soul travel

rather intimate concert

contact us if interested in a concert

    or call +32 (0)487 53 29 96

    • A singing microphone (Ras Madi)
    •  A singing microphone (Anantakara)
    •  A microphone for the djembe
      The ngoni is amplified and is connected to the mixing desk via a jack.
    • Anantakara uses a KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 sound card connected to the mixer. The sound should be as spatial as possible allowing the audience to be sonically immersed and to experience the stereo variations (left-right) that are part of the musician’s performance and that he initiates.
      A return for everyone.
    Ras Madi
    Ras Madisinging, ngoni, djembe
    Born in the Ivory Coast, Ras Madi returned to the country of his ancestors, Burkina Faso, at the age of 7. Very early on, he discovered music through village rituals and ceremonies. At the age of 10, he started playing the calabash and singing in a traditional troupe. He already knew that music would play an important role in his life. Ras Madi embodies through his music the meeting of these two West African countries. He has 3 albums with his group Yingré and has played in many festivals including Esperanza.
    Philippe Wauman
    Philippe Waumanelectronics
    Belgian born in Africa and returned at the age of 1, he played as a guitarist in the band Yingré… as a kind of return to his roots…! For the past ten years he has been creating electro-acoustic and electro-ambient sound journeys, characterized by a quality of presence in the moment (here and now) which gives a large part to improvisation. He has more than 10 albums to his credit. A philosopher by training, he likes to open up new horizons and cultivates contexts of co-creation and encounters to enrich music with new experiences.