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Serenity Despite The Storm

What if serenity is like walking? A state that, while maintaining verticality, transcends the imbalance imposed by the emptying of opposite legs. And if anxiety and tranquility were the two times of serenity that in its dynamics welcomes the necessary coexistence of opposites so that at the moment of their coincidence emerges what is called standing. This music was created as a support to invite the emergence of a state where opposites meet without excluding each other. A state where one and the other is true. Serenity is a state of mind where duality is a game and no longer an issue.

. The Album.

A Miracle Pace Run

Sometimes we are visited by a sudden inspiration, a wild and sweet intuition that crosses us with this ‘solar evidence, or it is presented by an ample and subtle connection with Nature, the look of a child, feeling understood by a sentence that escapes from a book, a movie replica, a finch on the side of the road … And there, every time, resounds this powerful and calm feeling of dancing with an immense presence of which ours is a joyful and beautiful fragrance…

from the de l’ momentum lapses album

Clemency Under Thunder Blossom

This song is a story of joy, hope, fall and loss, relief and recovery.
It is a meditative musical exploration and an inner journey that goes beyond simple relaxation, but which plunges into something quite vast and above all unusual in its nature, something enigmatic that is beyond our understanding. A true inner journey in beauty and inspiration.

Spots Of Suspended Time

From a life in which we run after time, we have reached a moment when time suddenly becomes available again, an invitation to experience other temporalities: from time passing in seconds to suspended time: that of a fully lived present that opens onto rich and inhabited spaces-time.
from the album momentum lapses

A call To Oneness

First, some welcoming piano which opens the scales. Until the pizzicato strings, calls are asking for some joy. Then a flugelhorn blossoms upon a rhythmic cluster. A voyage into meditative quietness toward some subtle joy to gently rise up. just like the very first morning light after a dense and long night.
from the album momentum lapses

Ictus Of Infaillibility

Spiritual Cycles initiated by the Sacred Subtil Beat Of The Heart.
Electronic and immersive ambient world Music- Slow multi layered Cycles Electronic Music sonic exposure for relaxation and meditation
instruments: waterphone,santur, bazantar, electronics
from album The Never Dying Fire

Murmur Of An Emerald World

Listening to a world of healing, balance and harmony, that constantly renews itself in nature through generations.
Visual and sound meditation. Acousmatic spatialisation. From the album hymns 64:46

Flowing into gratefulness

A soul awakening from a long sleep, stupefying in the suffocating darkness of the elegiac pangs of incarnation. To catch one’s breath, aspiring by the yardstick of spontaneous wonders.
inspired by a verse of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri poem. From the album  The Momentum Lapses

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