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Transmuted Album Cover
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Review: Transmuted By

Transmuted By is indeed a masterwork of crafted genius by the artist Anantakara. For me personally its music I adore, it allows us as listener’s vast areas of the music room to explore and navigate. There can be no doubt that the minimalistic ambiance that this album bathes in, and also creates, would be a harmonious and atmospheric backdrop with which to manifest other works of art to, and an album that fans of long-form ambient music are going to literally lap up.” ( Steve Sheppard)


This long-form album resonates at a totally unique level for me, it has an ambiance that it seems to manifest all by itself and this quite artistic endeavor would work beautifully in a modern art gallery, like the Tate Modern in London for example, as one roams from one piece to another.
The opening portal to genius is called Incantations and is one of the finest examples of minimalistic ambient work you will find; at times its depth and vastness reminded me of the work of artist Scott Lawlor, and at other moments the volume of music that resides within the nothing that this composition creates, reminds of very early Eno, back to the days of Lizard Point.
I adore this style of musical interpretation, I could listen to it for days, and when we drift into the musical arms of the next piece called Incandescence, we arrive at a dimensional doorway of luminescence and fluorescence, an arrangement that utilizes keyboards in such a crafted artistic way, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next, it’s construction is held within a narrative of suspense, one that literally hums and glows musically around you. The natural quietness of this offering has a truly addictive quality about it that is utterly transfixing, and as the composition moves onwards it continues to grow a sense of energy that is undeniable, but incredibly spacious.