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Review: Rythmes Croisés

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ANANTAKARA is now back with Amor Mundi, an exciting and compelling album, complex yet compelling, grandiose and varied, inspired by SPINOZA and his vision of the world. Amor Mundi is an album that seeks to integrate all the beauties of the universe, all its aspects, all its richness. But it is also and even more importantly an album that wants to be intimate because each one of us is a full and complete part of this universe. Therefore, Amor Mundi is for everyone, as a musical bridge between us and this vast world to which we are connected, and in fact, welded together in many ways. It is a journey, step by step, ever deeper into the thought of SPINOZA and nature. With Amor Mundi, ANANTAKARA gives us an astonishing opus in truth, rich in a beautiful harmonic and sonic aestheticism, to listen and listen again to savor its multiple facets.

(Chronicle and interview carried out by Frédéric Gerchambeau)