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Newt [At Whose Feet Is Eternity]
Tags: , /Published On: January 14th, 2021/

Reviews: She Who Bore the Gods ( from album Newt)

Music To Stay Up Late At Night (Columbia):

Interesting sound! I enjoyed the way you constructed the whole sonic structure, the initial pattern and the change of sounds you added when including the piano, it was an interesting contrast of sounds.

The dynamics of the track were nice, the subtle growth in intensity was interesting, enforced by the chromatic scales that kept sounding in the background.

The concept of the track is very interesting as well, I don’t know much about the myth of Nut but it seems like a very interesting thematic material.

The strings in the background at the final section of the track were a nice touch, the harmony was expressive and climatic.

Sinusoidal Music (India):

Very interesting concept for an album here, I really liked the quality of the production and the good progression! Very good use of panning and volume automation to bring up the dynamics of the song; slowly bringing the track alive with very subtle elements, really great work, we loved the concept, overall a brilliant electronic piece here.

Hominis Canidae (Brazil):


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