Soogé/ African Ballades Project

This duo gave themselves the name Soogé which means freedom (in the Moiré language),
the one taken by the breath of creation when inspiration is invited to travel.
This journey is the “African Ballade.”
a dialogue with Rasmadi, a musician from Burkina Faso,
in a “traditional-modern” spirit.
A resolutely atypical concert, promising in sonorities and rich in emotions.
An ode to humanity.

Anantakara Mudic &Amp; Ras Madi: Ballades Afrcaines

concert video recordings 12/2019

Extrait répertoire 2020

Neither fusion of genres nor strictly traditional, the repertoire offers songs composed and sung by Rasmadi accompanied by electro-acoustic instruments and sound travels initiated by Anantakara, on which the ngoni (traditional West African harp) will come to hem his melodies.

A powerful and serene ode to humanity.

The musical complicity of two creative minds…

The meeting of two universes that are very different both musically and culturally.

An encounter that opens a new sound space, an open and serene in-between.

  • Répertoire : 11 morceaux sur une durée de 1h30

  • Format: concert intimiste (20 à 70 personnes)

  • Ambiance: balades musicales, calme, intensité, voyage sonore