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Sereniry Album By Anantakara Music
Tags: /Published On: May 15th, 2020/

Review: owann

Another fine album by Anantakara who used the lockdown in this corona crisis to reflect on some of the emotions that this special period has triggered in people. By describing and perhaps reliving these emotions, he takes us to a state of mind of serenity. He does it the way we are used to with a palette of synthesizers with an emphasis on classical sounds. The album opens with an ethereal voice that initially takes us into a silent verbal trance to culminate after a while in a gently undulating sequencer river. In Alluvium we hear tinkling bells with an intriguing loop in the background that radiates a certain threat. Handsome in its simplicity. In Serenity, after about 3 minutes, the melancholy melody slowly but surely settles in our heads and never lets go. As the song unfolds further, hope slowly floats to the surface. Here is the state of mind that I love so much. The wise and reflecting lake reads and listens as a poetic visual description. Walking again is a nice rhythmic exercise seasoned with all kinds of mysterious sounds. The first sounds of Link to the mountain seems to take us to an oriental temple, but soon a disturbed rhythm takes over. It’s obvious that the mountain demands a steady effort from the listener. At the end of this beautiful album, we are further spoiled with a fantastic video where Anantakara visualizes his own state of mind through a revival of the beautiful track Serenity.
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