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New Album [03/22]

[ …] This is a perfect album where each song is a journey in your inner mind

Sylvain Lupari
Something Cover

“This music is an intensity that I share like the
story of a journey to an unknown land.”

 Crafted to inspire creative people.

I fell in love with your music!!


your music is so inspiring


Your music is absolutely awesome!! You are doing a great job. Keep it up


I feel blessed to know you in this life…


I am speechless … absolutely amazing music.


Please keep up the brilliant work


I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style.


A spiritual, poetic, imaginary & sensual experience.

Introspective cinematic journeys with a real spiritual and avant-garde feel to them.

To make the ultimate dance with the intimate is at the heart of Anantakara’s sound art inspiration.

Full Creative Music Discography

Anantakara composes original music by creating sound calligraphy.
They are of two kinds:


introspective & inspiring music

Introspective & inspiring music

Music For Traveling Inside
Soothing, Inspiring, And Joyful Meditative Music


Unconventional Music Worlds


Unconventional Creative Music worlds
Textures, Mood, Experimental Soundscapes

Sound Art Calligraphy: A Path Toward Creative Music

Sound Art calligraphy is a form of musical writing that combines formal know-how with a way of being.
Each creation is unique.
They are spatially structured sound universes.
A path to sound art and creative music developed by Anantakara

Anantakara In A Few Words

Philippz Wauman Aka Anantakara

Anantakara is a Sanskrit adjective that is translated as “to render endless, to magnify indefinitely, to render indefinite or infinite“.

This sound art and creative music opens up to the dimension of the cosmos, and therefore to spatialization: the up, the down, the extent, the orientations, the cycles, the shifts.
With its own time, its singular coherence, its unique typology, its imperious necessity. From sound to being.

Live improvisation has an important part in my compositions. As I like to repeat “improvisation can’t be improvised”. It’s a way of being. Composing is above all listening.

Anantakara’s Intuition-Driven Electronic Creative Music is formally inspired by a vast spectrum: from contemporary music to shamanic music, from electronica to Indian ragas, from rock to techno clashes, from ambient to jazz. And explores theatre, performance, cinema, ritual, contemplation, dance…
I like to describe myself as a sound art calligrapher: making subtle blends of ambient, electronica, downtempo, ethnic, neo-classical, and jazz. To make the vastness dance with the innermost is at the heart of his inspiration

Philippe Wauman – foundeur

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