Emmanuel Tellier

Travail très intéressant, mais qui ne me touche pas particulièrement. Ceci dit, bravo pour la vision, l'originalité, l'envie de construire "un ailleurs musical", c'est tout [...]

Steve Sheppard

Juste quand on pense avoir entendu tout ce qu'il y a de beau dans le genre de la musique électronique, il y a toujours quelque [...]


...I have hundreds of songs on my list, and myfinger goes straight to your icon, and I never get tired of it!!!!

InSpot music

We really like your track! It has a mysterious flow. We will repost the track on Soundcloud.

Jeremy Lim

This is a beautiful journey! Very rich soundscape, great writing, great production. I love how organic everything is, even though it's rooted in electronic music.


you know i do like this track the riddle of a soul and I think it's worth to be shared, so then many people could [...]

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