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“The Finding of the Soul”

Classical Indian dance (Bharatanatyam) and
electronica music – an exceptional and unique show!
Laxmi Ghimire, dance – Anantakara, music

Bharatnatyam is regarded as “a dance of fire” – the mystical manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. It is a highly demanding dance, whose precise frameworks and metrics organize the volutes of a summoned body in all its splendour: no cell escapes the grace set in motion. This dance, once considered sacred, has come out of the temples and onto our stages. It is also intimately associated with Indian classical music and its rhythms.

show of 2014, mandala by Jialba and photos by emmanuel crooy

video capture of 2014 show

Nature’s Longing Drive – vidéo du spectacle à Bruxelles (avril 2014)

Anantakara signifie « déploiement infini d’une forme qui se magnifie indéfiniment …». Sous ce mot d’origine sanskrite nous trouvons un artiste belge qui crée des instrumentaux ambient-electro subtilement groovy, avec pour inspiration « le réenchantement du monde par l’émerveillement », une quête du point de rencontre des opposés, « cet inattendu qui régénère et accomplit. ».

Laxmi a bien voulu tenter une fois encore l’aventure avec Anantakara : pour ces deux artistes, peu de répétitions préalables, mais beaucoup de concentration, une communion entre eux et ce qui les relie à plus grand qu’eux, un état de réceptivité et d’écoute auquel le public participe par sa pleine présence, créateur lui aussi par son attention…

Les mandalas animés étaient proposés par le peintre Ignacio Baranga, garantie d’un moment inoubliable !

captation vidéo spectacle 2013

Stepping into boundless Joy – video of the show in Brussels (March 2013)

The ‘timeless’ music that Anantakara composes and plays has this in common with Indian traditions: it is based on ‘palettes’ of sounds corresponding to colours, ambiences, flavours, moods – one could say ‘modes’ – established in advance, which will serve as the basis for a totally new, ‘live’ game, in a kind of structured improvisation that reflects the energy of the place, the moment, the audience and the subtle synchronicity between the artists who lend themselves to it. Because electro-acoustic lutherie is composed of a computer – in charge of the sounds that make up the ‘palettes’ – a keyboard and a pad, this music can be related to what we call ‘ambient-electro’. However, let’s avoid getting trapped by the sometimes reductive connotations of this term?

For Laxmi Ghimire, 25, a Nepalese dancer from Bharatanatyam (India’s oldest classical dance form), performing for the second time in Europe, the sacred dimension of her art is inseparable from the performance, even if the latter takes place on a stage and not in a temple? During her visit to Brussels, she will present a series of new choreographies, some from the repertoire of her European tour based on recorded classical Indian music and others, unpublished, created especially and solely for this evening, to the timeless music of Anantakara, around the theme of “The Quest for the Soul”.