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In the heart of a cyclone is the mercy of the gentle
In the heart of the sweet is the clamour of silence
In the heart of silence is the silk of presence…
At the heart of presence is the game of absence…
At the heart of absence is the joy of withdrawal
At the heart of the withdrawal is the murmur of the gaze
[hector Lisala]

Experimental Discography

Since 2011, Anantakara has been publishing albums inspired by the pivotal experiences of life.

amor Mundi Anantakara Music Album 2020

Amor Mundi
Re-enchanting life
love this world

Elipsis Anantakara music album

the unchangeable mutable.

twin time cloud access

Twin Time Cloud Access
Shamanic explorations
myths & dreams

Transmuted By
Rubbing against dark matter
to find
a transfigured light.

The Vertical Hollow
vertical virtue

An Immortal Seal

Transmuting the shadow