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AHow to love the world as if it were an extension of our bodies and the mystery of our souls.

Amor Mundi Album

This album is inspired by the philosophy of Spinoza (1632-1677).
And more particularly the way he explores the notion of Infinity. How nature is seen as a power of expression of this Infinity.
A metaphysics now considered very contemporary

Excerpts [preferably on headphones]:

Amor Mundi,

is inspired by the thought of Spinoza. For whom Nature is almost divinized, since the entire physical reality, including our bodies and thoughts, is equivalent to the unique and infinite substance.
This is in a way the soundtrack of my encounters with the philosopher.

the themes

It is about Nature, flow, love, secrets, tectonic power, ridges, matrix, dimensions. Indescribable nostalgia for infinite rhythms.

There are melodies, rhythm, layers of sound. A wide variety of musical situations that are encounters between instruments and emotions. An encounter where each part keeps its share of mystery and gains in flavour by being together, but distinct, unique.

In short, they are sound calligraphies…

Videos of the album


April 2021


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Hiiii I want to say thank your for all your tracks especially when a goddess loves.
They’ve really helped me the last couple of weeks buckle down and finish off most of my projects.

keep it up!


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Hey, I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin’ to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style.
From a true fan of all your music.

Inspiring Music To Listen To The Depths Of Your Body new video clip

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#ambient #soundtrack #inspiration
This new video clip from Anantakara  is the meeting between a musical project that works with hypnotic trance. the actors are also a singular state where they are their body, and can thus position themselves in a present outside the metronomic time. Music is taken from the Newt [At Whose Feet is Eternity] album. (December 2020)


Thanks to Alexandra Hershaft for the  shootings, Jean Mastin for actors direction.

March 2021

Trippy and introspective

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Finding myself between two albums, I wanted to make public some recent or older compositions that had not found their place on an album. They deserved to be gathered in a safe place: in a trippy and introspective interlude. Hence the name of this compilation of unreleased tracks.
The album is named Interlud

February 2021

album reviews: Newt [At Whose Feet is Eternity] by Steve Sheppard

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Anantakara (Phillipe Wauman) the man behind the music, is a specialist in creating lush and fantastical art works of sound and tone, and I have been a follower of his ever since I came across Momentum Lapses in 2018, and have been hooked ever since.
Here on this brand new offering entitled NEWT (At Whose Feet is Eternity) exploring the realms of Nut the Egyptian goddess of the sky and the night, we have a glorious new release that is as far wide and reaching as you the listener will allow, but this splendid ambient soundscape is a truly amazing mood filled journey.
The careful and almost apprehensive opening offering is called She Holds A Thousand Souls, the atmospheric construct here is wonderfully artistic, it builds and creates a vast dimension of tone to wander through, whilst In Whose Hand is the Always, has a totally different energy and style, and is at times almost classical in its progression and manifestation, the repetitive but growing and expanding mantra on keyboards reminded me of the late but still great Darshan Ambient (Michael Allison) in style, the compositions progression is an art form all of its own, in what is an extremely addictive opus.
Lady of the Sycamore our third piece of creative genius is a much darker offering, there is a sense of movement within the weave of this offering I find particularly alluring, and the structure of the overall composition continuously and symbiotically uses its electronic mastery, to bring us one of those tracks that is difficult not to leave on repeat for hours.
The longest of the 5 musical offerings is She Who Bore the Gods at well over nine minutes long, and employs a crafted musical narrative that is inventive as it is artistically sublime. At around 3 minutes in, the energy of the composition picks up and drives us head long into an arrangement that is like a veritable beacon of sound, and then allows us to pull back and float in its utter ambience, this would be my personal favourite off the album and one that reminded me of another late but great musician in Harold Budd.
The last track off this simply superb album is called One Who Hears; the composition has a sense of finality about its construction, which of course makes it the perfect ending track off the release, the keyboards and the performance by the artist here is so moving and deeply creative, and one that I could with ease listen to many times over, and still it would creative an emotive backdrop to my day.
NEWT (At Whose Feet is Eternity) by Anantakara is and was one of the finest electronic ambient works of the year, a year we can’t wait to see the back of in 2020. Here is an album that has five creative and very classy arrangements contained within, and in my view his best work so far.
NEWT (At Whose Feet is Eternity) by Anantakara is an album of stylish electronic compositions, created by an artist who I rate up there with Al Gromer Khan and Darshan Ambient, it is creative colourful and descriptive, and the ambience it manifests is simply compelling.

radio: future Beautiful february 2021

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The latest edition of “Atmospheres” will be available from 8 pm (UK time), Sunday (February 7) from https://futurebeautifulradio.com/category/atmospheres featuring music by Cybernaum (Tero Liedes), Midibitch (Fritz Carraldo), Ron Boots & Synth.NL (Michel van Osenbruggen), Biome (Gregory Kyryluk), Ian Boddy, Time Traveller (Michael L. Rogers), Deep Imagination (Thorsten Sudler-Mainz), Kelly David, Lorenzo Montana, Anantakara (Philippe Wauman), Mutante (Jonathan Parkes & Alec Wood) and ToXyGeNeDK (Torben Friedrich).

January 2021

radio: One World Music

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Jump into In the Stream with Steve Sheppard #46
NEW STYLE show, one hour of medium to long form music
In the Stream is an hour of long form music played in its entirety, music because of its length would never get featured on most stations. Join Steve Sheppard for this most serene of shows and now in its more accessible format.
Please feel free to go to our home page and choose the time better suited to you to listen to this broadcast.
Listen via the following URL
Or via our app on Mixlr
If you miss the show, you can listen to it again on podcast right here and other shows too

Reviews: She Who Bore the Gods ( from album Newt)

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Music To Stay Up Late At Night (Columbia):

Interesting sound! I enjoyed the way you constructed the whole sonic structure, the initial pattern and the change of sounds you added when including the piano, it was an interesting contrast of sounds.

The dynamics of the track were nice, the subtle growth in intensity was interesting, enforced by the chromatic scales that kept sounding in the background.

The concept of the track is very interesting as well, I don’t know much about the myth of Nut but it seems like a very interesting thematic material.

The strings in the background at the final section of the track were a nice touch, the harmony was expressive and climatic.

Sinusoidal Music (India):

Very interesting concept for an album here, I really liked the quality of the production and the good progression! Very good use of panning and volume automation to bring up the dynamics of the song; slowly bringing the track alive with very subtle elements, really great work, we loved the concept, overall a brilliant electronic piece here.

Hominis Canidae (Brazil):


I will definitely spread it on our networks and if I can, I will write about it in our monthly newsletter for people who follow us here in Brazil.



December 2020

New music album releases

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On December 28th, 2020 Anantakara will release a new music album on the Aural Films label (California). The album is called: NWT [At Whose Feet is Eternity]

This album explores the myth of Nut the Egyptian goddess of the sky and the night. Each track has for title one of the epithets that the ancient Egyptians granted her. This goddess swallowed the sun every evening to give birth to it every morning.
the trailer:

the album:

November 2020

new single out now

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A song that celebrates new days and all the life that awakens and renews itself. A daily do-over. Fresh and playful. With Burkinabe musician Rasmadi singing.
This composition is the meeting of Africa with the benevolent electronica music of Europe. it is about life coming back, the simple impulse towards the light, the joy of being together, and inventing a new world

Review: a peaceful splendour

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The mix of electronic melodies and soundscapes underlines the duality of tranquility and restlessness in the psyche. Philippe Wauman uses his confinement as a catalyst to produce a peaceful splendor. The wide range of ambient, electronic, and ethnic sounds are caressed between the ears. The message on Serenity Despite The Storm is more than clear; Anantakara creates a salutary electronic work during the current tsunami of unrest.

Review of PATSKER OMAER BEGUIN on https://luminousdash.be/

Radio: brainvoyager episode 270

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3 songs from my album Amor Mundi will be included in this famous show and will be broadcast in various places around the world. A sound journey that promises to be passionate and exciting!

The weekly radio show ELECTRONIC FUSION is solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles and is hosted by


. The show took off with episode #1 on 18 September 2015.
Saturday 07-11-2020 at 6 pm CET/CEST on


from Germany.
Sunday 08-11-2020 at 9 am PST/PDT on

Krypton Radio

from the USA.
Sunday 08-11-2020 at 3 pm CET/CEST on

Radio Dark Tunnel

from Germany.
Episode #270 will present music from: Chris May, Leaving Richmond, Ivan Black, Diane Marie Kloba, Anantakara, Jim Ottaway, Johan Tronestam and 1i2c.
Listen to all the previous episodes of ELECTRONIC FUSION on Mixcloud. Go to: https://www.mixcloud.com/brainvoyager/

Review: Rythmes Croisés

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ANANTAKARA is now back with Amor Mundi, an exciting and compelling album, complex yet compelling, grandiose and varied, inspired by SPINOZA and his vision of the world. Amor Mundi is an album that seeks to integrate all the beauties of the universe, all its aspects, all its richness. But it is also and even more importantly an album that wants to be intimate because each one of us is a full and complete part of this universe. Therefore, Amor Mundi is for everyone, as a musical bridge between us and this vast world to which we are connected, and in fact, welded together in many ways. It is a journey, step by step, ever deeper into the thought of SPINOZA and nature. With Amor Mundi, ANANTAKARA gives us an astonishing opus in truth, rich in a beautiful harmonic and sonic aestheticism, to listen and listen again to savor its multiple facets.

(Chronicle and interview carried out by Frédéric Gerchambeau)

Review: Amor Mundi

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If my friend Bernard could see me! This brother of life who introduced me to the wonderful universe of music without borders would be proud to see the progress I make in my absolute discovery of music that flirts with the improbable while having this power of attraction that makes it so unique. But still, he is 10 years ahead of his time! These words are both for him and for Anantakara who album after album brings me into territories where the confusion of styles harmonizes to my great astonishment. Inspired by the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, AMOR MUNDI (Life As An Infinite Flow) is no exception. It’s a tough album with sharp twists in the 12 tracks that have this very intimate thread connecting them to each other. There are moments of pure madness, as there are moments of pure genius. These moments are more numerous, leading us little by little to the discovery of an album where even his music always transcends its logical borders a little more.

Acoustic notes plucked curtly initiate the rhythmic mess that grips our ears at the opening of Shimmering Times. The sequencer extends a Berlin School structure while the percussions aim at rock and the notes persist to play by winding up to beautiful fluty tunes. These first two fiery minutes are resolved in a disturbing atmospheric passage where the flute blows its loneliness in a final without agreements. A piano hammers the structure of Show Me Your Wonder with notes on a worn keyboard. The flow, like the harmony, sail in a sea of sounds in search of its musicality when a good and unexpected down-tempo ends up guiding it in an ambient Jazz texture. What the first listenings reveal is a general dissonance with notes that resonate in an arpeggio slaughterhouse. Like that acoustic six-string neck that Anantakara tortures in the opening of Chthonic Memories. Forgetting about these first seconds, our senses become obsessed with this short demonic melody which runs like a vampire fleeing mirrors. A brief moment which is lost in the ashes of the opening while the ambient airs begin to sparkle in a form of dance-music which evaporates in a flute and brings back to life this six-strings suffering of schizophrenia. This is how the 12 chapters of AMOR MUNDI (Life As An Infinite Flow) are built! Each title advances by dispossessing the previous moments to auction them for abstract art. These moments come back to haunt the title, which takes advantage of this theoretical confusion to implant bits of music on a structure that constantly loses its identity. Do we remember how started Sister Moon? However, we are talking about 5 minutes which constantly changes sonic skins with enchanting phrases that we want to hear again. This is the trap of this album!

Amo Ergo Sum is the kind of music where Sade would lay down lyrics. We have to wait for The Riddle of a Soul to have a first long homogeneous structure. And the result is a good track well sat on an evolutionary rhythm which reaches a point of frenzy dominated by acoustic instruments in a great post-rock style à la Picture Palace Music. If we like the genre, A Secret Might has some interesting attributes. But this is nothing compared to Riding The Flickering Crests that will make you hear of all colors. We are at the heart of this album that we rediscover from another ear since Amo Ergo Sum. The tribal drum pass in Riding The Flickering Crests simply saw off both calves. Creative, daring, and addicting! Deus Sive Natura brings us back to the rambling structures of the first titles of AMOR MUNDI (Life As An Infinite Flow). The title begins with a piano and a violin trying to seduce these harp riffs which are the masters of the musical disorders of the album. Dull pulses amplify an anti-music presence, going as far as to block an audio channel. And it’s with one ear that we follow the development of this title which offers particularly good passages that deserve a musical deepening. Mysterious and messy, The Matrix Time-Walk manages to trap us with its acoustic structure. I can’t help but glue Strata’s sonic disturbances to film music for the post-apocalyptic Western genre. Although just apocalyptic would suffice! The twists and turns in this title are as numerous as a female cat having kittens. And believe me, there are some really good parts in this Strata. Irresistible brings me closer to the atmospheres, more modernized here, of Bayou Moon. An album made by Tom Newman in the mid ’80s.

I don’t really know what my friend Philippe Wauman ate, but I would advise some musicians to eat it twice! No, AMOR MUNDI (Life As An Infinite Flow) is not for all ears. But creativity quickly resurfaces in the middle of this record that we learn to love with each new listening. There are awesome moments here and moments of tenderness unique to Anantakara. To discover and listen to it alone.

A nice review from Sylvain Lupari



Album extracts : More 

October 2020

Radio Spiral Meander Getting To Know Show

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You know Philippe Wauman, the Belgian musical genius known as Anantakara… or you should. Tonight, we listen to selections from two of his new albums recently added to the RadioSpiral library — Amor Mundi (Life As An Infinite Flow) and Serenity Despite The Storm.

I’ll also close out the last night of our booth at the Second Life SciFi Expo for the American Cancer Society with a bit of Live Ambient Ranting if there’s time. Please join us at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT for a celebration of this amazing music.


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Hi! I absolutely love your music!!!! The more I listen, the more I like it! Thank You for the music!


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Hi I’m really enjoying your stuff and looking forward to hearing the new songs. Can’t wait to check em out..

6 Years B​-​Wave Festival

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Philippe wauman is an active member of the group Aerodyn

On the occasion of a compilation of the 6 years of the Bwave Festival where the band was featured in the 2018 edition

an unpublished piece was created on this occasion.

September 2020

August 2020


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WOW! I fell in love with your music! ! Sorry, that’s sorta corny, but it’s how I feel. I’m ur fan. I just forwarded your link to several friends. Will be buying your album. Keep it up, you have wonderful talent…good luck

video-clip; A Touch Of Nature

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A sensitive composition inviting us to see what grows and blooms in our lives. Nature with its abundant and varied flowers offers an immense field for contemplation, the one that allows us to associate ourselves with the movement of life that presents itself so simply. It is all in the way we look at events, seeing the beauty, and responding to it without expectations, which can open up new possibilities.
Music by Anantakara
original pictures Fiorella DC. ((https://www.flickr.com/photos/144656591@N05/)


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hi i have to admit that VERTIGO is the best of your n1m musiclist as far as i can see you’ve got a lot of potential to make it really big one day!
I’ll support you ’till the end.


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Hi, I was actually sharing another artist on n1m and I recommended your song by mistake. Best mistake I ever made. Thanks for your music, I love your work. And I think it’s real brave of you to put yourself out there and give so much of yourself to people without expecting anything.


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your “the high meets the low” is my favorite. I’m just absolutely speechless about it. please keep up the brilliant work, its people like yourself that keep the music alive!


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Congratulations on awesome music, i’ll be sending in my order soon. Keep up the great work and be safe.


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i will tweet your music as often as i can means daily! im speechless … absolutely amazing music


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Thank you for sharing your talent… I feel blessed to know you in this life…Keep your music alive… It sounds great and I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the world….


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Hi, I was actually sharing another artist on n1m and I recommended your song by mistake. Best mistake I ever made. Thanks for your music, I love your work. And I think it’s real brave of you to put yourself out there and give so much of yourself to people without expecting anything.


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hey I love the track Sister Moon, one you can hear over and over,
so amazing! William


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Hi! Found your site on here and glad I did! Listened to Alluvium, fantastic feeling – hope you go far – you deserve it! Don’t give up!

fan: melissa

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I never get bored this tune Sister Moon. I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track.

June 2020

album reviews : serenity despite the storm by Sylvain Lupari

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“Serenity Despite The Storm is the most realistic album I’ve heard about emotions versus global containment”

SERENITY DESPITE THE STORM is the most realistic album I’ve heard about emotions versus global containment. I believe that its acoustic side has something to do with it, thus creating a sensation of promiscuity as tangible as that which ties us in from the first breaths of Manyfold Quiet Trances. No matter how much I dig, but I can’t find a dead moment there. A great album that I highly recommend, even if we are quite far from the Berlin School. Except that fans of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma era will be delighted by this Anantakara.

Sylvain Lupari (28/06/20) *****




Reviews: Amor Mundi by Steve Sheppard

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I have been fascinated by the musical journeys that Anantakara have taken me on over the last few years; these sojourns of electronic majesty have really been deeply artistic and utterly transfixing. The delight here is that I now have the good fortune to write about this latest release entitled Amor Mundi (Life as an Infinite Flow).

This journey of sight and sound starts with the track Shimmering Times,a piece so addictive to listen to, its ever expanding narrative draws the listener into a whole new realm of electronic magic.

Show Me Your Wonder, has a delightful depth about its construction, listen intently to its tones and vast nature, then perhaps like me, you too will be pulled into a world of expressive and expansive brilliance, the staccato stringed elements and the percussive backdrop is all cleverly manipulated into a weave of musical genius which would become something truly special to behold.

Chthonic Memories contained a few effects that I have created on my own electric guitar to open with; this would lead us nicely to a portal of crafted and extremely artistic segments of music, which seemed to all have their own musical spheres to rotate within

As we move deeper into the album I would find one of my personal favourites, this gem is called Sister Moon.

There is something so tranquil and peace filled about this offering, its repeating energies also reminded me a little of an old style Eno offering called Discreet Music. The build here was also well worked, and its electronic nature and heart beat could be felt throughout the remainder of this truly superb offering.

As we nudge the musical envelope further across the table of tone, we come to a really fascinating track called Amo Ergo Sum.

Translated it means I love, therefore I am. This adds so much to its riveting ever onward movement; for me the underpinned fluency and explorative essence of this track made it another personal favourite.

The light textures of this next piece entitled The Riddle of a Soul,

were ones that brought us a fascinating insight into the compositional structure of the album, here we would find subtle and haunting flute sounds that created a wonderful new age feel, partnered with the stylish electronic motifs, it took the piece to a whole new level.

We are now in the second half of this fine collection of compositions, and as we constantly move forwards we find ourselves at a doorway marked Riding The Flickering Crests.

There was a tantalizing smoothness about this track that was deeply addictive, its subtleties altered ones perception in the middle half of the track, as a more percussive energy started to come to the fore, but always with the symbiotic partnership of the albums over all electronic nature.

Amor Mundi (Life As An Infinite Flow) is certainly one of those albums that you must not take your eye off, you may have to listen to it over and again to truly appreciate all the nuances contained within, like this next piece called Deus Sive Natura.

The keyboards manifest an imploring narrative within this piece, while the backdrop of string sounds and percussion do a blissful job of creating a sense of expectancy and tension, in what is the longest track off the album.

We have now entered a realm that is almost multi-fractal in nature; it is called The Matrix Time-Walk. Here is a piece that would be all too easy to get lost within, and in some ways reminds me in music, of the artistic endeavours of the Escher great work entitled Relativity. It is a track that is infinite and ever expanding in its surrealist nature.

The depths we have travelled now become apparent, as we now listen to a composition called A Secret Might.

Here the intensity of the offering is well hidden, allowing the natural order of the arrangement to come through on its own, and audibly grow; this is an amazingly crafted track that one could easily get carried away with, its beautiful sense of suspense and anticipation is a thing to revel in

L’avant-dernière offre s’appelle Strata.

La probabilité toujours présente de l’attente semble commencer à se réaliser ici, alors qu’un rythme percussif se joint à la mêlée et que l’artiste crée quelque chose de spectaculaire et presque cinématographique dans le style d’Isao Tomita.

The penultimate offering is called Irrésistible

and it truly is, and as an end composition one never really knows what is around the corner of this moment of musical cleverness, the bass work is perfect and the following electronic build and progression creates a dynamic and fluent end to what has been a captivating release.

Amor Mundi (Life As An Infinite Flow) is an album that all fans of electronic music, seekers of ambience and worshipers of truly artistic tones will adore, it’s a journey that never ends, but one that will create layer upon layer of expectation, intent and anticipation as you listen. If this appeals to your sense of musical perception, then you need to make this album a home in your musical world as soon as possible.

to listen and get the CD



May 2020

Review: The Riddle Of A Soul by Steve Sheppard

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“Just when you think you have heard everything that is beautiful in the genre of electronic music, something always comes along to shake the tree; that just happened with the release of the quite stunning The Riddle Of A Soul by Anantakara.
This lush and at times quite moving opus of electronic brilliance is one of those singles you literally never want to end, the compositional structure, its ambiance and performance, all drew me into a realm as of yet untouched, and by its conclusion, one that would leave me wanting more.
The Riddle Of A Soul is nothing more than six minutes of musical magic by Anantakara and one that I truly believe could be quite popular with the listeners and fans alike. ( Steve Sheppard)
listen to single


Review: owann

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Another fine album by Anantakara who used the lockdown in this corona crisis to reflect on some of the emotions that this special period has triggered in people. By describing and perhaps reliving these emotions, he takes us to a state of mind of serenity. He does it the way we are used to with a palette of synthesizers with an emphasis on classical sounds. The album opens with an ethereal voice that initially takes us into a silent verbal trance to culminate after a while in a gently undulating sequencer river. In Alluvium we hear tinkling bells with an intriguing loop in the background that radiates a certain threat. Handsome in its simplicity. In Serenity, after about 3 minutes, the melancholy melody slowly but surely settles in our heads and never lets go. As the song unfolds further, hope slowly floats to the surface. Here is the state of mind that I love so much. The wise and reflecting lake reads and listens as a poetic visual description. Walking again is a nice rhythmic exercise seasoned with all kinds of mysterious sounds. The first sounds of Link to the mountain seems to take us to an oriental temple, but soon a disturbed rhythm takes over. It’s obvious that the mountain demands a steady effort from the listener. At the end of this beautiful album, we are further spoiled with a fantastic video where Anantakara visualizes his own state of mind through a revival of the beautiful track Serenity.
johan de paepe

the album

November 2019

Review: Transmuted By

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Transmuted By is indeed a masterwork of crafted genius by the artist Anantakara. For me personally its music I adore, it allows us as listener’s vast areas of the music room to explore and navigate. There can be no doubt that the minimalistic ambiance that this album bathes in, and also creates, would be a harmonious and atmospheric backdrop with which to manifest other works of art to, and an album that fans of long-form ambient music are going to literally lap up.” ( Steve Sheppard)


This long-form album resonates at a totally unique level for me, it has an ambiance that it seems to manifest all by itself and this quite artistic endeavor would work beautifully in a modern art gallery, like the Tate Modern in London for example, as one roams from one piece to another.
The opening portal to genius is called Incantations and is one of the finest examples of minimalistic ambient work you will find; at times its depth and vastness reminded me of the work of artist Scott Lawlor, and at other moments the volume of music that resides within the nothing that this composition creates, reminds of very early Eno, back to the days of Lizard Point.
I adore this style of musical interpretation, I could listen to it for days, and when we drift into the musical arms of the next piece called Incandescence, we arrive at a dimensional doorway of luminescence and fluorescence, an arrangement that utilizes keyboards in such a crafted artistic way, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next, it’s construction is held within a narrative of suspense, one that literally hums and glows musically around you. The natural quietness of this offering has a truly addictive quality about it that is utterly transfixing, and as the composition moves onwards it continues to grow a sense of energy that is undeniable, but incredibly spacious.

December 2018

album reviews: Momentum Lapses by Sylvain Lupari

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In a year, I get a lot of requests to hear an album in order to write a review about it. The list is long and in this one, there is an incredible number of unknown artists to my ears who offer albums of all kinds, as long as synths and sequencers are used on it. No need to write that my ears hear of all the tonal colors! And there are good surprises. Nice discoveries like this one; Anantakara. A Philippe Wauman’s project, a Belgian musician who defines himself as a contemplative sound calligrapher, Anantakara, a Sanskrit adjective meaning to make infinite, proposes in MOMENTUM LAPSES a little jewel for the pleasure of the sounds and ambiances which flirt with a New Age rather progressive, even experimental.

Arpeggios whose limpidity is dancing with their sibylline shadows accompany the smothered knocks in the very theatrical opening of Momentum. Immediately, gurgles flutter in this setting embellished by waves with abrasive rays which come and go in a tonal envelope always growing. A synth wave perfumed of Mark Isham’s trumpet tones explores these ambiences, giving it a seraphic charm that adds to the dramatic power of this charming opening title. And that’s not all! Keyboard riffs take on an orchestral garb and sculpt a ballet choreography with a gentle staccato movement whose intensity is driven by percussions that are very limited but oh so well placed. The piano also sets its delicate notes in a finale that swaps its passive rhythm for a brief movement of sound oasis, just before resuming the rhythm of classical dance that brought Momentum to its emotional bloom. The tone is set and the music of MOMENTUM LAPSES is launched. The orchestrations are less jerky in The High meets the Low which, having left chords juggling in suspension, animates the ambiances with clanic tom-toms. Sound jewels gravitate suspended on this rhythm very close to the spiritual trance and the synth waves smear the horizons with rays which flirt with the doors of oblivion. Breath of an Unstained Desire does in music decomposition with a rather daring approach where everything seems to be played backwards. The result is amazing. Even if one recognizes small bits of structures that come and go in this 7th album of Anantakara, including a beautiful finale more musical, we are rather in the perfumes of Universe Zero here. Intuition’s Breeze takes us on the paths of an unarmed war with a bass line whose resonances found echo in the tears of the Martenot waves. The rhythm without bumps progresses beneath a sonic sky well adorned by multiple synth streaks full of strident weeping and by electric piano notes which sparkle in a contracted melodious approach. The percussions, which have been grafted in all subtlety around the 3 minutes, give a second rhythmic breath to this title that caught my attention from the first listening. Slow and very sinister in its development, The Great Chi in the Sky has nothing to do with this Rick Wright classic in Dark Side of the Moon! Its rhythm is slow, like a giant clock whose pendulum intimidates and orders submission. The chords and arrangements which sculpt it are king of its sneaky musicality, since they magnetize our attention while deploying a musical force that forms a din that still remains at the doors of a fascinating musicality. These sounds, these notes as well as these orchestrations on continuous evolutions in order to create musical layers on a bed of slow, almost hypnotic rhythms, are the strength of this album of which one never knows on which foot to dance … or on which neuron to meditate. Ditto for Doorways to Unnamed Power which, on the other hand, is more complex and more evasive in its melodious approach. The light rhythm, Spiral Bridge to Timelessness unfolds like a series of melodies chained in a music box. Percussions and percussive effects are just divine here. Those with blown glass tones tickle the ears, and start this chain of melodies, while others closer to the real offer a clever mix of Tibetan tribal and oriental tribal in a soundscape adorned with graffiti and fantasy which can possible only by the means of EM and its vast array of equipment. The final sprinkles our ears with a Steve Roach fragrance. An affirmation that is necessary considering the opening of The Meaning in Every Curves and Lines. The peculiarity of this title are these lassos of sounds that come and go like immense sound fronds whereas gradually a slow rhythm imposes its stability in a kind of esoteric Groove with another display of percussive effects high in colors.
The color and the calligraphy of the sounds is the goal aimed by Anantakara and force is to admit that MOMENTUM LAPSES reaches Philippe Wauman’s real intentions. All in all, it’s an amazing album that is musical enough for the genres imposed through a delightful palette of tones and a sound aesthetic that does justice to the ambitions of the Belgian multi-instrumentalist. Meditative music with a zest of creation that brings us into a world where few artists dare to venture!

August 2020


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I really enjoyed listening to your music!


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ALLUVIUM you know I think all I can say is… wow.

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