Nos dernières compositions:

Anantakara & Mukti - Unweave The Stars

Derrière ce qui semble être clos, il y a d'autres voies, d'autres lois, d'autres visions, d'autres mondes. Voyage musical immersif.
Beyond what seems to be set, there are other ways, other rules, other visions, other worlds.
Female voice (Mukti), strings, hang drum, electric guitar, cello as rythm beat, Guzheng, Kim, slowmotion pad, violins.

Anantakara - Light Plays In Fine Boundaries

Instruments: Double bass, rythmic waves, slowmotion, rubberband, zentrifuge, effervescent beings, perkussiv, ligetune...

Anantakara & Mukti - Aroused From Sleep

Instruments: Toramen, violins, bass, harp guitar, saxophone, gangsa bells, clusterbell, rythmic waves, kinetic metal... and the beautiful voice of Mukti !

Anantakara - The Purple Glory Of The Noon

Anantakara - A Fugitive Paradise Smile - part 3

Anantakara - Murmur Of A Emerald World

Anantakara - Folow The Vertical Hollow

Anantakara - A Sea Of White Sincerity Part 2

Nature's Longing Drive