Très régulièrement, Anantakara crée et publie de nouvelles créations au gré des inspirations et des rencontres. Elles sont déposées en primeur sur Soundcloud, et rassemblées plus tard en albums.

Death In The Forest


Instruments :electronics,live push,soundscaping

Touches Of Surpassing Joy (with Mukti)

Live concert performance with the outstanding voice of Mukti. No overdub nor editing. As it is. Written for Laxmi Ghimire, a professional Bharatnatyam dancer from Nepal. How Spiritual Ambient goes grooving...

Amazing Mandalas by Jialba @

Instruments : Female voice (Mukti), Mbira, synth, cristal pads, light jazz drums, ethnic flute

Ictus Of Infaillibility Follow Your Sacred Heart Longing

Slow multi layered Cycles Electronic Sonic Exposure;

Instruments :waterphone,santur, bazantar, electronics,soundscapes

Unweave The Stars (with Mukti)

Derrière ce qui semble être clos, il y a d'autres voies, d'autres lois, d'autres visions, d'autres mondes. Voyage musical immersif.

Beyond what seems to be set, there are other ways, other rules, other visions, other worlds.

Instruments : Female voice (Mukti), strings, hang drum, electric guitar, cello as rythm beat, Guzheng, Kim, slowmotion pad, violins.

"So atmospheric and unique!" (Messier) | "Music from higher spheres... And hypnotizing.. !!!" Elżbieta S. | "Captivating and otherworldly" Iridaes | "A fresh breath of life!" Il Filtro

Aroused From Sleep (with Mukti)

A very quite song, in tune with very new beginnings...

Instruments: Toramen, violins, bass, harp guitar, saxophone, gangsa bells, clusterbell, rythmic waves, kinetic metal... and the beautiful voice of Mukti !

Translucent Grows

Crossover intriguant. De la flûte indienne en dialogue avec une console de musique électronique classique avec - en finale - une mailloche tambourinant sur les cordes d'un piano... Rentrer dans la profondeur du silence...

Some weird combination of classic Berlin style electronic and minimal ambient with contemporary music mallet pace. I wanted to deep into silence...

Instruments: Bansuri, prepared bowed piano, Morpheus, Ircam synth, silence.