Third Eye Manifesto - Musique Anantakara, Chant Mukti

Anantakara (Ambient, soundscapes, electro & guitar) and Mukti (vocals) perfoming Meditative and Joyful concerts.

Hereunder the first album released by Anantakara & Mukti


Eyes are of flesh, of reason and of contemplation.
When looking through the eye of contemplation, you will feel like uplifted, a light-hearted blithesome emotion elevating you to fine and large and powerful heights - which can feel breathtaking if one is unprepared...

Mukti sings along Anantakara's powerful creations.
Both fully aware, listening to one another on the subtle level as well as in the sound space, they use pre-established arrangements as a basis to compose each piece directly, on the spot, in front of you... actually, together with you, as the mood they feel coming from the audience is an invisible yet powerful ingredient to this collective and unique creation.



Mukti is an outstanding singer. She has a fantastic voice. Really magnificent.
She has been singing and taking classes from the age of 9. She also studied meditative Indian songs, Egyptian traditional singing as well as European folk song. Her voice has a broad and unique range. It is blossoming in the spontaneity of inspired improvisation. She says her body is her musical instrument and that singing is for her just as natural as breathing.

Anantakara modest ambition is to re-enchant the world through wonderment while tirelessly pacing the inmost and outmost in search of the place where opposites meet, that startlingly unpredictable fortuitous point where regeneration and accomplishment are enhanced.
Instruments played: Gongs, bells, violin, hang, guzheng, piano, guitars, drums, gamelan, sitar, cello, tampura, mbira, percussions, electronica...



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Concert in Brussels - 2014

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"...Ma surprise fut complète en écoutant l'autre cd "Third Eye Manifesto" ,il porte bien son nom. Là, l'écoute s'est enrichie d'une voix divine presque surnaturelle. Mukti et sa voix - que j'ai depuis l'écoute du cd l'envie pressente de découvrir comme on a le désir de voir de l'autre côté du miroir. Cette voix, soutenue par les sons cristallins est manifestement une perception inconnue par moi jusque là. Je dois vous prévenir - avant de l'écouter - que vous entrerez très vite dans une autre dimension car la musique et la voix vous plongent dans un état de transe profonde. C'est ce qui m'est arrivé et je voulais en témoigner. Si vous avez envie de monter au centre de l'Univers, décrochez vos téléphones, fermez la porte, les volets, installez-vous confortablement, ouvrez votre troisième œil et attendez quelques instants... "Cela" va se manifester..."
Antoine Filissiadis, écrivain.

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New music from Anantakara & Mukti

Touches Of Surpassing Joy (with Mukti)

Live concert performance with the outstanding voice of Mukti. No overdub nor editing. As it is. Written for Laxmi Ghimire, a professional Bharatnatyam dancer from Nepal. How Spiritual Ambient goes grooving...

Amazing Mandalas by Jialba @

Instruments : Female voice (Mukti), Mbira, synth, cristal pads, light jazz drums, ethnic flute

Seek Rest In Endless Peace (with Mukti)

"la vie, rien que la vie. La vie, toute la vie." (Christian Bobin). Some gentle pace in this turbulent world.

Aroused From Sleep (with Mukti)

A very quite song, in tune with very new beginnings...

Instruments: Toramen, violins, bass, harp guitar, saxophone, gangsa bells, clusterbell, rythmic waves, kinetic metal... and the beautiful voice of Mukti !

Unweave The Stars (with Mukti)

Derrière ce qui semble être clos, il y a d'autres voies, d'autres lois, d'autres visions, d'autres mondes. Voyage musical immersif.

Beyond what seems to be set, there are other ways, other rules, other visions, other worlds.

Instruments : Female voice (Mukti), strings, hang drum, electric guitar, cello as rythm beat, Guzheng, Kim, slowmotion pad, violins.

"So atmospheric and unique!" (Messier) | "Music from higher spheres... And hypnotizing.. !!!" Elżbieta S. | "Captivating and otherworldly" Iridaes | "A fresh breath of life!" Il Filtro

A Dawn's Victorious Opening (with Mukti)

"Alliance de lave et d'éclair - Le cygne glisse sur le lac - L'amante tarde son éclat - Mais que connaît le moineau des aspirations du cygne sauvage ?" (hector lisala)

What knows the sparrow about the wild swan's aspirations.

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